Market Research Services

Mantle Research & Consulting offers extensive international market research expertise to provide accurate insights into your industry.

Full-Service Market Research:

We conduct full-service primary and secondary market/marketing research both within the UK and overseas.  Market research will assist you to create a thorough marketing plan for your business through better understanding of:

  • customers
  • demand for your products / services
  • competitors
  • general economic and market trends
  • channels of marketing and communication

Furthermore, opportunities for growth and expansion can be identified, and the information gathered can be used to help you develop robust marketing and business plan.

UK Panel Recruitment:

Recruitment of panellists to your specialist B2C panel.


Online Group discussions / Online interviews / Online Blogs / Online Forums

Trade Fairs – UK and abroad:

Our extensive international marketing expertise and language capabilities allow us to offer specialists to represent you at trade shows and / or collate information on potential suppliers / customers, etc. for marketing research / market research purposes.

For further information on our market research services, please contact us: